Most Demo

This repository provides a demo application of the MOST Framework. It implements a complete teleconsultation system where an echographist, provided with a mobile phone, can require a teleconsultation with a specialist during the execution of an exam. The specialist can interact with the echographist by a mobile application, that shows 2 real time A/V streams: the first is the A/V output of the echocardiograph screen, the second is the video stream incoming from a web camera located in the patient room. The echographist and the specialist can communicate each other, and the specialist can remotely control the position and the zoom of the web camera, in order to better drive the ecographist during the exam execution. At the end of the teleconsultation, the specialist is required to fill out a medical report. This application internally use the following MOST libraries:

  • most-voip for performing audio calls
  • most-streaming for managing audio/video streams
  • most-visualization for providing visual widgets for interacting with A/V streams
  • most-report for building and managing medical reports


Detailed documentation of the demo can be found here.

About the MOST Project

The MOST project aims to achieve an open, modular and scalable solution for the creation, execution and management of remote clinical consultations with direct interaction between specialists.

The project consists of a set of frameworks that deal with different aspects and technologies useful for the creation of telemedicine applications.

Available MOST Frameworks

  • MOST (a set of helper django modules for managing users, clinicians,taskgroups and clients authentication)
  • MOST-Voip (a fast and lightweight library for handling VOIP sessions)
  • MOST-Streaming (a library for managing audio/video streams)
  • MOST-Visualization (a library for providing mobile applications with visual widgets for interacting with A/V streams)
  • MOST-Report (a library for managing clinical models)
  • MOST-Demographics (a Django application for patients management)
  • MOST-MedicalRecords (a frontend REST api for accessing to demographics and clinical data of patients)
  • MOST-Demo (a DEMO Application showing the main features of the MOST frameworks)